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Constructing a Europe of the People is possible.

To this end, we in the South of Europe wish to end the cuts, ensuring that those responsable duly pay for their actions. Imposed by a political and economic elite, the auserity dictat impoverishes millions of people and places the future of coming generations in jeopardy. This Europe of the Troika has proved to be ever more unequal and unsustainable, and as a consequence, more and more people are unfortunately losing their faith in the European project.

This destructive dynamic is even more critical in the state of Spain due to the unemployment rate, social exclusion or fuel poverty, as well as numerous shameful corruption cases. Moreover, since the reformation of the Spanish Constitution in 2011, paying the debt is given priority over all other social or ecological investments. As if this were not enough, we are witnessing the return to a centralist and authoritarian state, which takes its decisions as far away as possible from its citizens, rejecting the plurinationality of the state and cutting back on democracy and self-government.

Nevertheless, in a globalised and interdependent world, never have we needed Europe as much. In fact, the European Union is a key space to fight against big corporations and financial markets, climate change or xenophobic and excluding populisms.

This is why we refuse to give up. As people, we want to rethink Europe from our standpoint of solidarity, democracy and sustainability. We want to regain our political sovereignty and take it to the supranational level to reach a new horizon of decent and responsible living. We want to contribute with valid solutions for the majority of people and in accordance with the planet's limits.

We are the Europe of the people who appreciate their environment and want sustainability and solidarity for today and tomorrow, both in the northern and southern countries. We are the Europe of the people who want to share values, work together to promote linguistic and cultural diversity in a common project of dignity, peace and welfare.

From a firm democratic stance, the defence of the rights and liberties, the dignity of the people and the peoples, social and environmental justitice, we are going to work together to bring the EUROPEAN SPRING.


We want to bail out the people. For this purpose, we call for policies oriented towards investment in the creation of employment in an economy at the service of the people and that is respectful with the environment. We want zero tolerance with corruption, fraud, tax evasion and tax heavens.


We want to open a European constituent process towards a more democratic and transparent Europe of the people and the peoples. We want more power for the European Parliament, the institution with most legitimacy to carry out decisions that affect citizens of all other institutions. We want transparency in the inner processes of the EU, and we want these to be at the citizens' disposal.


We call for a new Social Charter to guarantee education, health, justice and a clean environment for all, including migrants. We prioritise the fight against poverty and social exclusion and we call for a Europe-wide debate on a universal basic income.


We stand for a Europe of the Peoples, and call for the EU to support its national, cultural and linguistic diversity, including minorities and stateless nations. We oppose the cutting back of autonomy and democratic decision-making processes, and call for real and effective participation by sub-state units in European decision-making processes, with special attention given to European ultra-periphery regions by granting them a separate electoral constituency.


We fight for a space of liberty and security for all, free from discrimination, racism and xenophobia. Today, we must defend and retain equality for women and marginalized collectives, such as LGBT+, the elderly and the disabled. Our model of Europe would also protect digital rights, online neutrality and privacy.


We are committed to a green economic transition (a Green New Deal) towards a different model of production and consumption based on a social economy, sustainability and the notion of shared prosperity. We pledge to finance the creation of decent, green jobs, as well as research and development with a fiscal reform that values resources and capital.


We stand for a Europe that provides answers and opportunities to the vital elements of its most well-prepared generation, and does not condemn its members to the diaspora. A Europe that provides solutions to the chronic problem of youth unemployment, and ensures sufficient funding of the Youth Guarantee and of emancipatory policies.


We demand a public citizens’ Debt Audit, which would evaluate the illegitimate proportion of a citizen’s debt and would cancel the need for its payment. We will fight for a new model of economic governance in the UE, the democratisation of the European Central Bank and a European fiscal harmonisation. We propose a tax on international financial transaction in order to avoid speculation and finance international solidarity.


We propose a new European energy model, free from nuclear and fossil fuels, without fracking and based in renewables and self-sufficiency. We fight for a Europe situated on the front line in the fight against climate change, as a guarantor of respect for biodiversity, animal welfare, a new water culture, and with sustainable and socially just agricultural and fishery policies.


We wish to convert the EU into a strong, unitary international voice in defense of solidarity, liberty and human rights, as well as the eradication of poverty and the respect of internal and external migration. We must reduce military spending and promote human security and the promotion of peace.

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